tinc-ing [noun] : act of Thinking In Natural Concepts

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This platform = tinc-ing.org =  is a place to provide inspiration and insights on the application of natural concepts in nowadays economy, business and social context.

tinc-ing: symbolizes the need to re-think our business, social and economic processes. Even education in its institutionalized form. Having alienated ourselves from most natural processes and concepts, I believe it to be essential to sustainable progress, to re-learn to Think In Natural Concepts.

You are invited to share your inspiration, insights, resources and opinions to enrich this platform.

A non-exclusive list of themes:

Biomimicry for example is a great approach to product development, but does less good for organisational or cultural issues. Thinking in terms of ecosystem services has the potential to rearrange economic reality, particularly through its new definition of costs of goods and its focus on circularity. The way animals behave still tells stories about human behaviour, and biology could add much more value to psychology and sociology. The study of evolution of natural and social systems provides a largely untapped body of insight in the organisation of societies. Swarm intelligence is already of great interest to many organisation experts. And – as one of my favourites – the insights into the actual nature of water is a discipline (also called vital water) of so much controversy, that it might yet take considerable time to become an acceptable part of discussion.

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