You can come to the leadership tree if you

  • want to discover your roots on which you stand
  • want to develop a firmer stance in your professional life that helps you grow
  • want to integrate sustainability (more strongly) into your professional activities

We do this in individual conversations away from your professional work environment and as much in natural surroundings as is practical.

Discover if you stay strong on your roots and if you grow in the right environment.

A gardener builds his relation with the plants and trees by patiently acquainting himself with them. Getting to know their naturally strong characteristics and their needs for nutrients, water and sunlight. He then does his best to provide the right surroundings and possibly prune the tree for better growth.

In other words, we get to know each other and agree on the question you want to explore. We use the leadership tree framework in most cases, as it is broadly applicable. After an introduction and agreement on the question, it typically takes 3-6 conversations we hold at intervals of 1 or 2 weeks. Get in touch with our gardener to learn more.

Sometimes specific questions call for different approaches. We will discuss with you if the leadership tree is the right place to look for answers in such cases.

We combine nature experience with personal exploration.

From an evolutionary point of view, the forest is the natural habitat of humans. Today, you can witness this heritage in the subtle effects that natural surroundings have on you. In most cases, being surrounded by trees

  • is exposing you to more fresh air than any air-conditioning system will ever be able to provide.
  • calms you down because forest environments offer very little distractions to a former tree-dweller like ourselves.
  • will always provide those that look with something new and beautiful to discover.

That is why we hold our conversations in nature as much as is possible.

We provide all services in English, Dutch or German, depending on your preferences.