“Be, then, wise like the trees and when life asks you to drop the old leaves from your mind and heart, have no doubts. That way your soul can have a new dress available each spring.” [Grian, the Gardener]

People are like trees in many ways. Firmly rooted in the ground, reaching high up into the sky, inspiring our surroundings and supporting whole ecosystems under our canopies…

At least, that is how we might want it to be like. In reality, not every sapling grows into a mighty tree. Trees might come to stand skewed and insecure because their roots have not found a way deep into the ground. Or leaves and flowers wither by lack of water and nutrients.

The same is true for people. We are often keen to develop ourselves, to be healthy and grow to be successful. But it does not always come to us easily. Sometimes, you might benefit from the attention of a caring gardener. To receive an extra supply of water or a dose of nutrients to help you grow strong.

The leadership tree has been created by such a caring gardener. It provides a framework for health and growth.

Welcome to the garden!