Services are provided under the label of Leadership Dialogue. (Dutch website only at the moment…)

For professional individuals, managers and teams

You can come to the leadership tree if you

  • want to discover your roots on which you stand
  • want to develop a firmer stance in your professional life that helps you grow
  • want to integrate sustainability (more strongly) into your professional activities
  • want to become a better provider for the people you are responsible for
  • want to improve your team performance and cooperative skills

We do this in individual coaching conversations as well as team coaching expeditions away from your professional work environment and as much in natural surroundings as is practical.

We also offer the unique service of the online Leadership Dialogue Guide. The guide facilitate a fruitful conversation between manager and direct reports by matching the needs of your subordinates with what you have to offer as a superior. You will discover if your sub-ecosystem – you might call it a department or a team – is healthy and supportive to all the activities that are taking place there.

We provide all services in English, Dutch or German, depending on your preferences.